Recent Planning Applications

15 St Margarets Road Hereford Herefordshire HR1 1TS

3rd March 2023

T1. Lawsons Cypress. (Chamaecyparis lawsoniana) This tree is now suppressing the more interesting trees (Laburnum, Dogwood, Acers and aPhotinia) beside and beneath it. As the garden is very well maintainedand tended to daily the applicant is reluctant

Newstead House Nursing Home 43 Venns Lane Hereford Herefordshire HR1 1DT

3rd March 2023

T1 Sycamore in lower corner of garden has a wound within main stem at approx. 8m, with areas of decay and two limbs supported above it. Due to the position of the tree over at least 2 properties, we have recommended that the tree have a full crown re

Ten 11 Fayre Oaks Drive Hereford Herefordshire HR4 0QS

3rd March 2023

T1. English Oak (Quercus robur). This is a veteran Oak but sadly it is not in particularly good health: with significant die back present. Propose to remove the tree and replace with another Oak in a better position in the garden.

2 Helensdale Close Hereford Herefordshire HR1 1DP

27th February 2023

T1. Chamaecyparis lawsoniana. T2. Chamaecyparis lawsoniana. T3. Chamaecyparis spp. All three trees grow in close proximity and essentially form one canopy. Remove all three trees and replace with a selection of more suitably sized trees: Sorb

Stonebow Unit Stonebow Road Hereford Herefordshire HR1 2BN

23rd February 2023

53: Lime - clear access to base of tree up to 3m. Prune from Telephone pole. 52: Lime - Crown clean. 35: Pine - Decompact root areamulch with older woodchip. 34: Lime - Remove lowest limb adjacent to wooden fence. 13: Dead stump grind 2ft diamete

55 Commercial Street Hereford HR1 2DJ

23rd February 2023

Application for approval of details reserved by condition 5 attached to planning permission 204379

Land at Newtown Road Hereford HR4 9RZ

23rd February 2023

Application for prior notification of proposed development by telecommunications code systems operators for installation of 15m highslim-line monopole, supporting 6 no. antennas, 2 no. equipment cabinets, 1 no. electric meter cabinet and anc

Land at Blackmarston Road Hereford HR2 7AQ

23rd February 2023

Prior notification of proposed development by telecommunications code systems operators installation of 20m high slim-line monopole, supporting 6 no. antennas, 2 no. equipment cabinets, 1 no. electric meter cabinet and ancillary development theret

Land at 26 Prospect Walk Hereford Herefordshire HR1 1NY

21st February 2023

Proposed erection of a 3 bedroom end terraced house

56 Venn's Lane Hereford Herefordshire HR1 1DT

21st February 2023

Proposed mixed use development comprising new convenience store (Retail) on ground floor and 6no. 2 bedroom flats at first floor with associated access, car parking, associated works to protected trees and landscaping.

55 Bodenham Road Hereford Herefordshire HR1 2TP

15th February 2023

Proposed works to T1: Eucalyptus - pollard the crown to leave at approx. 3m in height. T2: Western Red Cedar - dismantle the overall tree down to leave as near ground level as possible.

Collingwood House 9 St Ethelbert Street Hereford Herefordshire HR1 2NR

15th February 2023

Proposed installation of secondary glazing panels for all windows

Drybridge House St Martins Street Hereford Herefordshire HR2 7SG

9th February 2023

T1 & T2 - Cedar of Lebanon Reduce end weighting of long lateral branches over road, footpath, and phone wires by 1-2m, cutting back toappropriate pruning points and ensuring not cut back beyond extent of foliage. Remove deadwood. T3- Deodar cedar Rem

15 The Park Hereford Herefordshire HR1 1TF

7th February 2023

T1: Silver Birch (large) - reduce main leader down by approximately 7m, reduce the remaining branches by 2-3m, leaving the crown balanced.T2: Crab Apple - reduce the overall crown by approximately 3m and balance the crown. T3: Acer - reduce the main

17 The Park Hereford Herefordshire HR1 1TF

7th February 2023

T1: Acer - reduce the overall crown by approximately 3m, leaving the crown shaped and balanced.

St Cuthberts 29 Hampton Park Road Hereford Herefordshire HR1 1TH

7th February 2023

T1: Cherry (dead) - fell to ground level and remove. T2: Various trees- dismantle and fell all trees located behind wall area and clear ivy from the wall carefully, so not to damage wall. T3: Elder by wall - coppice. T4: Prunus - prune and raise over pat

8 Winchester Avenue Hereford Herefordshire HR1 1QJ

6th February 2023

Proposed two storey side and rear extensions.

18 White Horse Street Hereford Herefordshire HR4 0EP

3rd February 2023

The works include replacing the existing lean-to rear extension with a slightly larger single storey extension, external wall insulation and render, extending the eaves and verges of the roof to allow for the external insulation, replacing windows, an

40 Honddu Close Hereford Herefordshire HR2 7NY

1st February 2023

Application for a Lawful Development Certificate for a garage conversion with works to roof.

29-31 Castle Street Hereford Herefordshire HR1 2NN

31st January 2023

Proposed damp-proofing of walls in a classroom.

Quarry Park Entrance Between 28 & 30 Quarry Road Hereford HR1 1SS

31st January 2023

Provision of a new entrance to the park consisting of a gate, wall, fencing, hard landscaping and stone signage.

14 Hafod Road Hereford Herefordshire HR1 1SG

30th January 2023

T1 Portuguese Laurel (Prunus lusitanica) minor reduction (20%) all round. T2 Western Red Cedar (Thuja plicata) reduce the height by approximately 3 meters and trim back some of the lateral growth at theback of T4. T3 Walnut (Juglans regia) - reduce

The Yews 40 Hampton Park Road Hereford Herefordshire HR1 1TH

30th January 2023

Proposed timber decking at the rear.

26 Aylestone Hill Hereford Herefordshire HR1 1HS

27th January 2023

Proposed side and rear extension and alterations.

Moor House Playing Fields Hereford Herefordshire HR4 9NA

27th January 2023

Canopy reduction/pollarding of 4 trees (2 Lime and 2 Oak).